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"Just and Green: Labour’s Ecological Question" Course In Tutored Mode

The course "Just and Green: Labour’s Ecological Question" will be launched in tutored mode again in September. This stage brings new content, opportunities to engage with experts, and a possibility to get a Certificate of Accomplishment. You can enroll now and receive important information through course announcements.

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Online Webinar "Intersectional discrimination in global supply chains and collective resistance for work with dignity"

The event gathered the experts featured in Chapter 2 of the free online course "Subordination and discrimination in GSCs: recognising diversity and building unity", Prof. Martha Chen, Prof. Stephanie Barrientos and Dr. Alessandra Mezzadri. They discussed intersectional forms of discrimination and subordination of workers in supply chains.

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Invitation for Applications for the Social Theory 2022 Short Course

University of Witwatersrand (Wits) and the GLU invite trade unions to nominate one member from their ranks to attend the Social Theory 2022 Short Course. The thematic focus is the energy sector and the aim is to help participants develop the capacity for critical thinking and to engage analytically about labour-related issues.

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GLU Is Launching a New Course on June 15: "Subordination and Discrimination in GSCs"

The new GLU course, "Subordination and Discrimination in GSCs: Recognizing Diversity and Building Unity", will launch on June 15, 2022. The course is open for enrolment and will address the intersectional forms of discrimination as well as examples of resistance from across the world for work.

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GTTT Workshop Organised in Kassel With Guests From Across the Globe

A three-day workshop for the members of the global team of trainers and tutors (GTTT) has taken place in Kassel, Germany, May 24-27.2022. The guests from around the world attended various events and activities to advance their skills and competencies.

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ICDD Public Talk: Health, safety and security: The everyday struggles of cabin crew workers in Aerolíneas Argentinas

ICDD is organising a Public Talk by GLU Alumni Sara Cufré. The topic is "Health, safety and security: The everyday struggles of cabin crew workers in Aerolíneas Argentinas" and the event will take place on June 3, 2022, at 12:00 CEST.

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An Unprecedented Attack on Trade Unions in Belarus: Activists Arrested, Including Trade Union Leaders

The State Security Service (KGB) arrested more than a dozen trade union activists, including almost all the Union leaders. Global Unions, the #ILO, Amnesty International, and others have already condemned the arrests and called for a stop to repression against Belarusian Trade Unions.

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GLU Wits Honours and MA Application Call 2023

The GLU Programmes in South Africa starting in 2023 are open for applications. These are postgraduate Honours and Masters programmes at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, for 2023. The closing date for applications is 31 August 2022.

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The Global Team of Trainers and Tutors (GTTT) has given rise to a political project of popular education

The Global Team of Trainers and Tutors (GTTT) has given rise to a political project of popular education on labour and the environment. Members from countries across the globe have organised 60 localised workshops reaching nearly 1,100 people.

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New GLC: “In Need of Solidarity- Courageous Opponents of Uncompromising Authoritarianism Exile”

In this special series, Organising under authoritarian regimes, the author discusses the situation of authoritarian leaders suppressing human rights internally not them suppressing neighbouring countries. This column was largely written before Putin’s war against Ukraine.

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XV Global Labour University Conference, “Building a Post-Pandemic World of Work with Social Justice” held in virtual format

In the 2022 edition of the GLU-Conference, which was held in a virtual format and hosted by Penn State University, AFL-CIO, ICDD and FES, we analysed these developments and ask how we build anew our workplaces and societies based on social justice.

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GLU Online Webinar: Moving Beyond Extractive Industries - Resistance and Alternatives

The recording of our webinar Moving beyond extractive industries: Resistance and alternatives is now up. Thanks again to everyone who joined and for the great questions. Make sure to follow the webinar series "Nature, Labour and the Struggle for an Eco-Social World" for further developments.

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A special ICDD Book Launch: Decent Work or Decent Income: “Corona Crisis” Experiences

Our partner ICDD is organising a special book launch of Decent Work or Decent Income: “Corona Crisis” Experiences, edited by Prof. Dr. Pedro Henrique Evangelista Duarte and Dr. Lygia Sabbag Fares.

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The GLU Online Academy is running two of its existing online courses in a tutored mode

The GLU Online Academy is starting 2022 by running two of its existing online courses in a tutored mode: “International Labour Standards: How to Use Them?”, starting on January 31, and “Fair Wage Strategies in a Global Economy”, starting on February 28.

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