Global Labour University

Global Team of Trainers and Tutors (GTTT)

In the first phase, the Online Academy developed a global team of 47 certified local trainers and online tutors (GTTT) from 20 countries (Argentina, Austria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Germany, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, Serbia, South Africa, Switzerland, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey, US, Vietnam, Zambia and Zimbabwe).

To support the learning process for the online course “Just and Green: Labour's Ecological Question”, these trainers conducted over 60 localised workshops and events, reaching nearly 1,100 participants.

The Online Academy is working to expand this global team by developing a regional team of certified trainers in Africa and Latin America.

If you wish to get in touch with our certified trainers in your own country for a localized workshop, write to

A Political Project of Popular Education

The ecosystem of activism and education forming around the “Just and Green” course has given rise to the Political Project of Popular Education on Labour and Environment. Watch the video below to find out what this Project is all about. 

Latest events in photos

In this section, we compile photos from the GTTT events around the world, including online and localised workshops that our team members host.  You can click on an image to see it in full size and more details. Members of the GTTT are encouraged to send photos from virtual an localised events to be featured below. 

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