Global Labour University

Certified Local Trainers and Online Tutors

Creating new spaces for collective learning and political engagement

In developing a participatory model of blended learning – “Education for Change”, the GLU Online Academy started in 2021 to build a global team of certified local trainers and online tutors (GTTT).  This was followed by the development of Regional Teams of Trainers (RTT) in Africa and Latin America.

As of Oct 2023, the GLU Online Academy has certified 90 trainers in 33 countries.

The GLU Online Academy is working closely with its certified trainers in consolidating its participatory model of blended learning. Each trainer builds study circles of trade unionists and activists, who study together online and meet face-to-face in localised workshops. These have already reached hundreds of trade unionists and activists in countries of the local trainers.

You can learn more about our participatory model of blended learning in this flyer. If you wish to get in touch with our certified trainers in your own country or write to

A Political Project of Popular Education

The development of the GTTT, which took place around the “Just and Green: Labour’s Ecological Question” online course, gave rise to a political project of popular education on labour and environment, seeking to contribute to fundamental social, political and ecological transformations.  Watch the video below to find out more. 

Latest events in photos

This section presents photos from online and localised workshops and events organised by the GLU Online Academy.  Click on an image to see it in full size and more details. 

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