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The Global Labour University will hold an International Workshop at the University of Kassel, Germany from 5-6 April 2006. Over 100 people will attend the workshop from all parts of the world. Participants include academics, trade unionists, students and researchers.

about the conference


Unions around the world operate in a complex and rapidly changing environment. In response to the industrial revolution of the 19th century organised labour fought for (labour) legislation and welfare provisions to make the ruthless dynamic of a free market compatible with a democratic and inclusive society. Especially in the industrialised countries, this struggle has been a remarkable success within many nation-states during the second half of the twentieth century. At the beginning of the 21st century, the new wave of globalisation is eroding the regulatory capacity of the nation-state and the capacity of trade unions to defend social achievement at this level. Diminishing labour rights and welfare provisions, informalisation of employment relations and growing inequality in most countries are calling for internationally coordinated responses to global problems.

The conference will discuss two key questions:

  • Institutions for global governance – what is needed from a trade union point of view and how to achieve it?
  • Employment and wages in a global economy - how to respond to downward pressure?


Event Facts

Date 5-6 April 2006
Location University of Kassel, Germany
Speakers Prof. Dr. Rolf-Dieter Postlep, Dr. Ursula Engelen-Kefer, Bob Harris, Dan Cunniah, Kjeld Jakobsen, Mike Waghorne, Horst Mund, Christoph Scherrer, Ulrich Brand, Steve Davies, Glynne Williams, Peter Waterman, Kristian Weise, Rainer Dombois, Jens Winter, Veronica Nilsson, Thomas Greven, Esther Busser, Wolfgang Schröder, Reiner Weinert, Kingsley Ofei-Nkansah, Juri Hälker, Claudius Valley, Jochen Tholen, Donna McGuire, Ian Greer, Marco Hauptmeier, Torsten Müller, Hans-Wolfgang Platzer, Stefan Rüb, Ron Blum, Bianca Kühl, Ludger Pries, Euan Gibb, Pravin Sinha, Doug Miller, Hansjörg Herr, Bela Galgoczi, A.V. Jose, Damian Raess, Stefan Beck, Neva Makgetla, Mariano Laplane, Helen Sampson, Michael Bloor, Nathan Lillie, Ian Greer, Manfred Wannöffel

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