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Applications for the programme are still open

Candidates should make sure to submit their applications before the deadline. You can find more information about this Master's programme, including application steps and form, on this page.

The Programme is taught at the University of Campinas (UNICAMP) in the state of São Paulo, Brazil.  The professors of the Institute of Economics and guest lecturers from other Brazilian universities and research institutes, as well as from the GLU partner universities. 

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From victims to actors of Just Transition: Lessons from the Lucas Aerospace Workers' Plan

This free online webinar is organized by the Online Academy of the Global Labour University and features Nora Rätzel from the Umeå University in Sweeden and Phil Asquith, former Chairman of the Lucas Aerospace Combine Shop Stewards’ Committee, Burnley site.

So, join us on October 7, to discuss the famous plan of workers at the Lucas Plant to convert production from military industry to socially useful products. We are going to tackle the question of what can this experiment teach us about transforming workers from victims to actors of Just Transition. 

Register here and follow the Facebook event page for more information. 


ENGAGE-ASIA Programme 2023

The call for applications for Ev has been issued by our partners at FES and the School of Labour and Industrial Relations.  The full name of the programme is "Building Worker Power in the 21st Century: Training for Labour Activists in Asia".
In-person sessions to take place in July 2023 at the School of Labor and Industrial Relations, University of the Philippines.
ENGAGE-Asia aims to equip trade unionists and labor activists with critical knowledge and tools that would enable them to take an active part in public debate and in policy formulation and implementation in the field of labor and employment, development, wages and productivity, climate justice and just transition, and developments and changes in the world of work. 
Apply online through this link.

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New Course Coming Soon

A new GLU course in Spanish and Portuguese languages, “Challenging Corporate Power in GSCs in Latin America", is going to be published in October 2022.

Currently in a pilot stage, it combines content from the course “Regulating GSCs to empower workers” and new video lectures from experts in the region.

Namely, more than 150 trade unionists and labour activists from Latin America are involved in this process of developing the course. Their involvement is part of a project to develop a regional team of certified trainers (RTT-LA).

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"Just and Green" in Tutored Mode

Just and Green: Labour’s Ecological Question”, an interactive and thought-provoking online course is entering tutored mode. It gives participants a chance to study for free, now with subtitles in Bangla, German, Serbo-Croatian and Spanish.

Starting September 15, 2022, we will publish more video lectures about energy transition and key challenges. In addition, you can utilize spaces for participation, such as webinars and zoom workshops with course experts.

Study and interact in the course platform and with the online tutor to get a Certificate of Accomplishment.

Watch the course trailer with subtitles in Albanian, Bangla, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish, Shona, Turkish and Vietnamese.

And enrol in our course now.

Webinar: Intersectional Discrimination in GSCs and Collective Resistance for Work with Dignity

Online Webinar "Intersectional discrimination in global supply chains and collective resistance for work with dignity" has been organised by the GLU Online Academy.  

The event gathered the experts featured in Chapter 2 of the online course "Subordination and discrimination in GSCs: recognising diversity and building unity", Prof. Martha Chen, Prof. Stephanie Barrientos and Dr. Alessandra Mezzadri. They discussed intersectional forms of discrimination and subordination of workers in supply chains. 

Enroll in the course to learn more and join upcoming discussions with top experts:

Watch the video on YouTube

Invitation for Applications for the "Social Theory for South African Trade Unionists" Short Course

University of Witwatersrand (Wits) and the GLU invite trade unions to nominate one member from their ranks to attend the Social Theory 2022 Short Course in English.

The thematic focus is the energy sector and the aim is to help participants develop the capacity for critical thinking and to engage analytically about labour-related issues.

 In addition, each module will integrate themes of gender, ecology, international solidarity, and trade union strategy. Each theme will highlight strategic approaches by trade unions.

For enquiries, please contact the GLU Programme Coordinator, Mr Warren McGregor:

Here, you can find the complete Course Advertisement and Application Form.

New GLU Course "Subordination and Discrimination in Global Supply Chains" Launching on June 15

The new GLU course, "Subordination and Discrimination in GSCs: Recognizing Diversity and Building Unity", will launch on June 15, 2022, and will remain in a tutored mode for a month.

The course is already open for enrolment and will address the intersectional forms of discrimination as well as examples of resistance from across the world for work.

Visit the course page to find out more or enrol directly here

GTTT Workshop Organised in Kassel With Guests From Across the Globe

A three-day workshop for the members of the global team of trainers and tutors (GTTT) has taken place in Kassel, Germany, May 24-27.2022. The guests from around the world attended various events and activities to advance their skills and competencies. It was the first time that the team and GLU staff were able to meet in person, after two years of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The panels included Online tutoring of the course with feedback and future plans, GLU-OA´s history & current work, localised workshops and online tutoring, developing a MOOC, current political discussions at the GLU, learning models of the OA, etc. 

If you wish to obtain the recordings of these events, please write to the following email address: 

You can also visit the GTTT page to see more photos from the event or read the event write-up.

ICDD Public Talk: Health, safety and security: The everyday struggles of cabin crew workers in Aerolíneas Argentinas

On June 3, 2022, ICDD will host a public talk with Sara Cufré, a Labor Sociology Researcher from the Center of Labor Studies and Research (CEIL) in Argentina.

She will examine the current crisis in aviation due to Covid-19 containment policies has accelerated the processes of flexibilization and precarity that have been going on for decades, since the 1980s. This talk draws upon workers' resistance in Aerolíneas Argentinas, a full-service carrier (FSC) airline with stable, well-paid jobs and a strong union tradition.

It analyzes how cabin crew members organize and resist the processes of intensified exploitation of their labouring bodies during the first period of the company's renationalization between 2008 and 2015. The focus is on worker-led actions that adapt and reinterpret union tradition on health and safety and how they relate to the day-to-day self-medication strategies, pain, and risk reduction. These self-care practices, both the individual and collective, involve specific expertise on safety and security that is crucial for workers to deal with fatigue.

Register for the event here.

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