Application for Programme 2022 in Brazil

The application period runs until 1 November 2021. Candidates shall download and fill in the application form (see download sign on the right hand side) and mail it signed, with the required documentation to UNICAMP at the address listed below and via email (scanned copies in one PDF file) to glu.brazil.2010(at) 
email: glu.brazil.2010(at)

Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Please note that applications close on 1 November 2021. Application packages received after this date will not be accepted. 

FOR BRAZILIAN STUDENTS ONLY: Please make sure you subscribe for Master's program of the Institute of Economics (UNICAMP) to Economic development - Social and Labor Economics on website:
If you need more information regarding this please contact us. 


Please make sure your application contains the following:

  • An authenticated photocopy of your official bachelor degree
  • An authenticated photocopy of your University transcript of examination results
  • An authenticated photocopy of your Birth Certificate
  • An authenticated photocopy of your Passport (pages with passport number and photo)
  • Officially authenticated photocopies of all certificates proving the required command of the English language and/or copy of your English language proficiency
  • A detailed CV (in English)
  • A recommendation letter from a trade union or an institution related to trade unionism certifying the candidate’s practical experience in labour issues. The trade union or institution should indicate their willingness to pay the 1,500 Euro contribution to the GLU programme (in English). Candidates whose supporting institution is unable to contribute may use their own resources
  • Two letters (in English) recommending the candidate, written by trade union leaders, professors or any superior who knows the candidate’s abilities and is able to give further information about him/her if necessary. Letters should be signed and stamped by the relevant institution, and also contain contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers
  • A completed application form (in English)

Please, do not send original documents. Only submit officially authenticated photocopies of all certificates, as application packages will not be returned.

Please fill in the required complete information and additional information you wish to provide, using a computer or a typewriter. It is important to hand in your application as early as possible, so as to ensure sufficient time for processing and to contact you in case we require further clarification or proof of your qualifications (e.g. photocopies of certificates). Please sign your application.


Universidade Estadual de Campinas

Instituto de Economia/ CESIT / Global Labour University

Rua Pitágoras, 353, Cidade Universitária "Zeferino Vaz" - Distrito de Barão Geraldo.

CEP: 13083-857

Campinas/São Paulo - Brasil

Important: Please also send all required documents (scanned) in one single pdf file (please, do not send more than one file) to glu.brazil.2010(at) email: glu.brazil.2010(at) 

Process: Professors of the Institute of Economics, with the support of the GLU partners, will be responsible for the selection process. Selected students will be contacted in due time to confirm their participation. If you receive an offer we will send you details about the conditions. If you do not receive an offer we will inform you about the decision by e-mail. Unfortunately, we are not able to keep unsuccessful applications, so they shall be disposed of shortly after the start of the academic year. Further documentation required for enrolment should be sent to UNICAMP until November of 2021, with officially authenticated translations and, if applicable, officially authenticated photocopies of certificates of previous professional/vocational experience, and copies of your passport and visa. Final registrations at the University will occur in February of 2022.

Please make sure that the notification of admission can be delivered to the address you entered on the form. It is very important to make sure your e-mail account is valid during the application process.


The candidate should take the documents stated below to the Brazilian Embassy in her/his country and certify ("stamp") them:

  • Birth Certificate;
  • University Diploma;
  • University academic transcript

The candidate should send these certified documents via email AND regular mail (courier) to us in a date set by the GLU Brazil coordinators, together with a photocopy of her/his passport.

Such documents will have to be translated to Portuguese by an official translator, either in the candidate's home country or in Brazil. The cost should be covered by the candidate.