Massive Open Online Course on “Decent Work in Global Supply Chains”

Our new Massive Open Online Course on decent work in global supply chains is now open for enrolment on

Great news: The course will start with a Facebook live discussion with Prof. Dr. Mark Anner on 12 January at 13:00 UTC

The online course is for free in the audit track and allows to network with thousands of trade unionists and labour activists from around the world.

Watch the course trailer here

When?The course starts on 12 January 2017 and runs over 8 weeks. Workload: 3-4 hrs/week
Where?Worldwide, only an internet connection is required
For whom?Trade unionists and everybody interested in decent work in global supply chains
Costs?The course is free of charge in the audit track, and costs 49 € in the certificate track

You will learn about

What are the challenges and opportunities for achieving decent work in global supply chains? How do transnational corporations and their global supply chains operate? How can they be more effectively governed? 

Global supply chains, controlled by transnational corporations, determine the ‘rules of the game’ in  today’s global economy.  Decent Work gaps are widespread in these often highly profitable production networks.   

This multi-disciplinary online course is led by Prof Mark Anner who is one of the most knowledgeable researchers on labour conditions in the global garment industry. It discusses the challenges and chances of achieving rights at work and better working conditions in global supply chains, combining expertise from the world of work with cutting-edge academic research. Looking at the economic, the governance and the labour rights dimension of supply chains, this online course is designed to develop both knowledge and practical skills for organizing workers in global supply chains and engaging in policy processes to advance decent work in global supply chains. 

Chapter 1: Introduction to global supply chains 12 – 18 Jan
Chapter 2: The regulatory framework on trade, investment and taxation 19 – 25 Jan
Chapter 3: Global supply chains and development 26 Jan- 1 Feb
Chapter 4: Decent work gaps in global supply chains 2 – 8 Feb
Chapter 5: Key elements of the existing governance framework 9 – 15 Feb
Chapter 6: Negotiated governance – strategies on the company and industry level 16 – 22 Feb
Chapter 7: Regulating global supply chains – strategies on the political and legal level 23 Feb – 1 March
Chapter 8: Campaigning to win – strategies and tools 2 – 8 March
One week study time
Final multiple choice exam (only for certificate students) 16 – 22 March


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