Fair Wage Strategies in a Global Economy

The Massive Open Online Course "Fair Wage Strategies in a Global Economy" is open for enrolment on https://glu.iversity.org/en/courses/fair-wage-strategies-in-a-global-economy

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This course offers a mix of video lectures and interviews, readings, online resources and exercises to gain both knowledge and practical skills to understand the actual landscape of wage setting and learn from successful policies and strategies to improve working and living conditions of workers around the world. The course provides also possibilities to network with thousands of trade unionists and labour activists from around the world.


You can attend this course and study at your own pace. Workload: 3-4 hrs/chapter.


Wherever you are, all you need is only an internet connection and eagerness to learn more.

For Whom?

Trade unionists, labour activists, labour educators, labour researchers, NGOs, think-tanks, government officials in charge of the sector and everybody else interested in fair wage policies and strategies in a global economy. Some prior knowledge of wage policies and economics will make it easier to follow. However, theoretical concepts are explained in an accessible and user-friendly manner, so it is also possible to participate in the course using skills and knowledge acquired outside formal education.


Once you complete the course, you can obtain an official certificate from the GLU and iversity.

• The Certificate of Participation costs 29 € and it can be purchased at any time after the completion of the

• The Certificate of Accomplishment costs 49 € and can be purchased only in certain periods of the year
   when the Academy runs the online exam.

• Participants from non-OECD countries and trade unionists from OECD countries may receive a scholarship
for either of the two certificates.

• To apply for a scholarship, send an email to online(at)global-labour-university.org, specifying your
   organisation and your country.

In this course, you will learn about:

Chapter 1: Political Economy of Wages
Chapter 2: The Role of Collective Bargaining
Chapter 3: Minimum and Living Wages
Chapter 4: Macroeconomics of Wages
Chapter 5: Wage Setting in an Unfair World
Chapter 6: Workers’ Strategies and Campaigns for Minimum Wages, Collective Bargaining and Decent Wages


The course includes the recording of two Facebook live discussions with experts from the Global Union Federation IndustriALL and the ILO. You can find the recording here:

Live Discussion 1 Live Discussion 2

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