GLU Workshop 19 - 20 May 2009, Berlin

"Globalization in Upheaval: Society, Multinationals, Workplace in Crisis"

 (in cooperation with IG Metall, Free University Berlin and the ILO)

As part of the seminar "Strategies of Multinational Firms and Labour" for the GLU programme in Germany we are again conducting a workshop: "Globalization in Upheaval: Society, Multinationals, Workplace in Crisis" which will take place on 19-20 May 2009 at the IG Metall training center Berlin Pichelssee. 

As part of the "Labour Policies and Globalisation" Programme of the GLU in Germany, Dr. Mike Fichter teaches the seminar on "Strategies of Multinationals and Labor". In addition to the 15 GLU students there are some 20-25 students of political science and economics enrolled in the course. The workshop at the IG Metall in Pichelssee-Berlin is an integral part of the course, designed to bring the students together with practitioners, to enhance dialogue and deepen their understanding of current issues, and to further empirical research in support of international trade union policies. In past years, this workshop has been a highlight of the course and the GLU programme in Germany, and has contributed to the support of a wide range of trade union activities.

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