GLU Alumni Summer School, 10 - 21 September 2007, Kassel

Labour and Development


DATE: Sunday, September 9 (arrival) until Saturday, 21 September (departure) 2007

LOCATION: IG Metall Training Centre / IG Metall Bildungszentrum Werner-Bock-Schule (in Beverungen near Kassel) and Kassel University


Download the programme (pdf) here.


Former GLU students are cordially invited to participate in the first GLU Alumni Summer School, organised jointly by the University of Kassel and the Berlin School of Economics. The GLU summer school will bring together former and current GLU students, as well as professors and trade union experts from the GLU network. The summer school is intended to strengthen the network links between former GLU students and to explore possibilities for future research collaboration. 
The main theme of presentations will be labour and development, with a particular focus on: North-South history; social and economic theory; economic policy formation; universal social protection; labour and the informal economy; and, global governance. There will also be presentations by alumni on a thematic research topic to be announced.
Presenters will include guest lecturers from the GLU partner universities of Witwatersrand (Wits), South Africa, and Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil, as well as representatives from the ILO and the GURN network.
Participants will also have the opportunity to participate in excursions to labour related organisations and visit the internationally renowned Kassel documenta.
Food and accommodation will be supplied as part of the summer school and funding is available for travel costs.

For further information please contact GLU Alumni Summer School Coordinator Donna McGuire at