GLU Alumni Summer School / Applied Research School (AARS), 14 - 24 September 2010, Berlin

DATE: Tuesday, September 14 (arrival) until Friday, 24 September (departure) 2010



14.-19.Sept. 2010: Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR) / City Hall Berlin-Schöneberg

(Maps: <link fileadmin summer_school_2009 location_hwr_2.pdf _blank>Broad overview or Detailed)


20.-24.Sept. 2010: IG Metall Training Centre / IG Metall Bildungszentrum Am Pichelssee

(Maps: <link fileadmin summer_school_2009 ig_metall_training_center_1.pdf _blank>Broad overview or <link fileadmin summer_school_2009 ig_metall_training_center_2.pdf _blank>Detailed and <link fileadmin summer_school_2009 directions_ig_metall_pichelssee.pdf _blank>Directions)


For searching your public transport connections from/to the airport & within Berlin please click here

(public transport: you need an AB single ticket for 2,10 € for travelling from airport Tegel & within Berlin, and an ABC single ticket for 2,80 € for travelling from airport Schoenefeld)


Please download (pdf) here the


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For logistical and financial issues please contact the ICDD at




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