GLU Workshop 3 - 4 May 2007, Berlin

Workshop in cooperation with the IG Metall:

Multinational Enterprises and trade unions strategies


3/4 May 2007


  • critically discuss what constitutes good practice on organizing and campaigning (in particular with view to effectiveness and sustainability)
  • collect good practice cases on organizing and campaigning with view to making them more accessible
  • assess the state of trade union organization in the global economy


  • exchange between students and GUFs/ other trade unionists
  • possibilities for Masters’ thesis topics which might benefit the trade unions

Target group

  • students of the Masters’ course ‘Labour Policies and Globalization’
  • Global Unions
  • national sectoral unions


Training Centre of the IG Metall Pichelssee

IG Metall - Bildungsstätte Berlin

Am Pichelssee 30

13595 Berlin