GLU Conference

IX Global Labour University Conference,
15-17 May 2014, Berlin, Germany

Inequality within and among Nations:
Causes, Effects, and Responses

Increasing economic inequality is one of the key features of the radical globalisation project that emerged in the 1970s, generating levels of inequality incompatible with social inclusion, equal opportunities and fairness. In a situation characterised by a severe financial and economic crisis, rising unemployment and reduced social expenditure are deepening the social divide in many societies. The Great Recession across the global north in 2009, followed by a very weak recovery (and in some cases a double dip), has hit the most disadvantaged social groups hardest. At the global level, GDP growth has slowed down.

Under these circumstances, opportunities for individual and social development are under threat, social cohesion is eroding, and the quality of democracy is deteriorating. Under the pressure of international institutions and national elites, governments are executing austerity policies despite public protest and growing disillusionment of the populations with their political representatives and democracy.

Against this backdrop, the 2014 conference of the GLU focuses on the causes and effects of increases in economic inequality ? and what can be done to prevent and reverse them. 

The conference is organised in conjunction with the World Congress of the International Trade Union Confederation (18-23 May 2014). It aims to promote debate between academic scholars, trade unionists and civil society activists and leaders.

For more information and/or registration please contact conference coordinator Bea Ruoff at beamaria.ruoff(at)


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Hochschule für 
Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin
Berlin School of Economics and Law
Campus Schöneberg
Badensche Straße 52
10825 Berlin/Germany

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House 2
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